Here in Melbourne…Which is Heated, I Guess

ducted heating MelbourneOf all the places to emigrate, I had to choose Melbourne. The ducted heating is alright, I suppose. Lots of weird sculptures, the coffee is excellent and there’s a big ferris wheel thing I’d like to have a go on at some point, just to say I’ve done it. But otherwise I’m not sure why this happened.

On my student exchange form I clearly put Brisbane as my number one, followed by Sydney and then New York. Melbourne wasn’t even in my top ten! Of course they dump me here right in the middle of winter in some student accommodation where the heating is either suspect or non-existent, in a uni/college where nobody seems to know anything about what’s going on at any given time. I’ve submitted a complaint to the Dean, but I’ve seen him rushing about and I suppose he has a lot on his plate.

This heating situation really needs to be fixed, though. I’m from a place where it’s generally pretty warm, so Melbourne winter isn’t quite cutting it for me. I’ve already had to study while wrapped up completely in layers like a babushka doll, while my roommates walk around in one layer and act like it’s nothing. Maybe it’s not as cold in here as I think, but…wow, I wish I had that level of tolerance. I‘ve been told by the secretary office guy that the problems are being caused by the boiler down in the basement, and all my roommates have said that it’s pretty common. Alright, so maybe they’re not typical Melburnians…it could just be this college that has all the problems.

Great, so glad the exchange programme dumped me here! At least by the time I’m back in Greece, I’ll know Melbourne’s ducted gas heating industry inside and out. Maybe I should change careers and become a heating professional.