Air Conditioning

Air conditioning a model thing

air conditioning repairs CanberraI have a somewhat unusual hobby. I like to build model airplanes. It’s by far my favourite hobby, I spend all my time thinking about new models I can buy and build. I have a collection of hundreds of model airplanes and I can name them all. My parents are very supportive of my hobby, they even drive me to the toy store to buy more because I don’t have many friends.

I am quite happy being on my own with my model planes, if I had more friends they might distract me from my build and I could make a mistake. I take special care to put the little decals on perfectly. I use tweezers and a magnifying glass to ensure they sit just right. If I make a mistake they are taken off and put right. I can’t sleep if I have a plane half built, I must finish it before I go to sleep. Some nights I don’t go to bed at all, my parents worry but I am fine. I need a climate controlled room for the model glue to dry so I use the air conditioner often. It hasn’t been as cool lately and I’m concerned it might need air conditioning repairs, Canberra can get warmer than you might think. I need air conditioning, If the air isn’t cool the glue will not dry and the model will be ruined. I am very worried about this, it is causing me to lose much sleep.

I must get air conditioning serviced in Canberra. It’s of the utmost importance to fix the cool air, I have to work fast with quick setting glue. I have a very large plane I need to build soon but can’t risk it until air conditioning has had its maintenance. Then and only then will I feel safe to start this big project that will probably take up to the 30 hours to complete. I will have sandwiches and snacks ready for me so I don’t need to get up. My parents offered to help me but I can’t trust them to do it right.