Running from the Reaper

Tomorrow, I am going to a meeting where, for the first time ever, I will be discussing succession planning in Melbourne. Sadly no, that does not mean that I am going to sit in a dimly lit room and plot to overthrow the king, thus securing a higher place in the line of succession for […]

Future Teleporting Post Services

The way technology is going lately, I’d be surprised if we aren’t just beaming objects to each other instead of waiting for postmen to deliver them. Back a few decades, I used to be a big fan of Sun Romp, the daring and ground-breaking tale of a ship heading into the unknown to find new […]

Firework…for the Girl Who Isn’t Afraid to be Noticed

Ugh, makeup can REALLY transform lives. And I think it might be up to me to put a stop to it, somehow. The whole reason I did a diploma of specialist makeup services was to help people unleash their inner beauty, so I could work both professionally and in personal circles to enhance people and […]

Back in the Early Beauty Days

Right, well…I’m putting a stop to all of this right now. I might not be in the teaching circuit any more, but I can see a generation growing up with skewed priorities. Back when I did my diploma of makeup and a Melbourne uni, well over fifty years ago when they first started offering them, […]

Escapism through arborists

Do you ever get so busy at work that your life starts falling apart around you? I have a highly demanding job in the creative department at an ad agency. Tight deadlines, high stakes and demanding clients are bread and butter to us. However, lately it’s all been coming to a head. I can hardly […]

Our Firm Will Rise Again! But Different.

Hey folks, Crime here! Wow, crazy times. So the internet apocalypse happened, our site went down and we’ve been told that there’s no chance of getting it back. Quite a few blogs and businesses lost their sites, and when we’re being told by Justice (who’s basically one of those magic hackers you see in the […]

Happy Birthday! Have a hyperbaric chamber

My husband is not very good at buying gifts. For our daughter’s third birthday he bought her a digital camera. I tried explaining that while it was generous it was not quite suitable. She did enjoy chewing on the lens to be fair. I try to provide guidance and suggest things whenever it comes to […]

Getting back to business

Goodness it’s been so long since I’ve had to do anything like this. A part of me thought I might have forgotten how to do it, but the skill lies deep within, buried just under the surface, lying in wait until the time is right. I suppose it’s a lot like riding a bicycle – […]

The best thing to do in Victoria

Regional Victoria and the areas around Melbourne are little known worldwide and yet they are world-class wine growers. Here, in this sleepy pocket of a small (in terms of population not geography!) country, you’ll find premium vineyards and exemplary country estates. Not only are these estates classic in their food and wine culture, they also […]

Leaking roof mirrors my bank account

It’s pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain, but let me just clarify that living in poverty is the worst. Well, technically speaking, I really shouldn’t say that. I don’t really “live in poverty” I live in Melbourne, Australia, where there are fantastic unemployment benefits and food / hospital care available for the seriously […]