Beauty queen of only 18

You know sometimes you are on the train or walking in the city or just watching TV and you catch an ad that keeps you interested beyond 3 seconds? A word or particular phrase just pops out at you and you have to read the whole thing. That happened to me today. I was doing […]

Servicing for the New Pet

It’s finally time: I’m thinking of giving home to a new pet. I have the space in my home, everything is prepared and this is something I’ve been wanting to do since I was nine. My parents would never let me have one, because they had phobias and just didn’t want one around the house. […]

Ruined carpet, ruined friendship

Living with your best friend is great, most of the time. Lately, things between us have started to seem different. Savannah has recently gotten a new job at a hip new cafe down in the main part of town. She is loving it, and the people she works with all seem pretty great according to […]

A little neighbourly competition

I’m the owner of a small business in what I guess you could call a little shopping strip in Melbourne. I’ve been here for, oh I don’t know, about maybe two years now, and I’m fiercely competitive. I have a tendency to take things pretty personally, and when it comes to my business, that applies […]

Annoying Parents, Broken Air Conditioner

I stayed with a friend last week. I just needed a break from my house, well not really my house, mainly my parents. They were all up in my face about getting a job and I just needed a release. Adelaide is not teaming with job opportunities but they just don’t seem to understand. It […]

Marine fabrications – the fabric of male bonding

When I was a lad my father would always take my brother and I out fishing outside of Melbourne. It was a great opportunity to bond with Dad, and pretty rare as he’d be working all the time (or staying nights at his paramour’s house, as we later learned). We’d go on a day trip […]

Washing machines and word of mouth

Word of mouth is the best advertising. No doubt about it. People can spend all the money they want on advertising campaigns, search engine optimisation, copywriters and PR, but it all boils down to nothing if the product isn’t good. By the same token, you don’t need any of these promotional tools if you’ve got […]

Consoling the In-Laws with Cleaning

So, you’ve probably heard that a visit from the in-laws strikes terror into hearts across the globe. My situation is really no different, although I like to think that I got off to a worse start with my future father and mother-in-law than most. They had a dog, who I’m told was usually friendly. It […]

The most amazing day

Oh my gosh so my parents are doing the most amazing thing and I just actually can’t believe it. When I left the family home, about, oh gosh, six years ago now, it wasn’t because I particularly wanted to, but because I knew it was time. At twenty-four, I’d mooched off my parents for long […]