Same age, same income

It’s strange what different directions two similar people can go in. Like, you can think you have everything in common and that you’re going in completely the same direction in life and everything and then all of a sudden you come to a crossroads, and one of you goes left and the other goes right. […]

My Quiet, Stylish Neighbours

It’s true, you don’t see many Buddhist temples that look exactly like a large, classy, eastern-suburbs home. Maybe that’s a good thing. They actually call themselves Zennists, and I can’t really speak out against them because they’re just the quietest of neighbours. I never hear a single thing from them about anything, really. So long […]

Encouragements for the Klutzes

The way I see it, when people say they’re ‘uncoordinated’, they don’t mean anything other than the super basic stuff. Like, they can’t do a cartwheel. They fell over that one time and now they call themselves the clown of their friendship ground because they’re just SO wacky. It’s not a real lack of coordination, […]

The Exciting History of Hot and Cold

Air conditioning and heating technology…it’s come a long way. That’s not a bad sentence, I guess. Technological History SOUNDED like such a great elective for my Arts and Technology course, but then I had to go and pick an easy-sounding subject. Now I’m struggling to find even a decent first sentence for my final assessment. […]

The best way to unwind is with a wine tour

I feel like I’m so highly strung. I work so hard that I cannot unwind. I have to stay back at work almost every day and I even find myself going in early because I’m so stressed about everything that needs to get done. So by the time the weekend rolls around, I still can’t […]

Ending Class Divides with Air Con

I wonder what the world would be like if there were, like, 20 different types of skin colour. Or more! Would all prejudice be cast away forever, or would it go through the roof? Like, would the aquamarine people have an irrational hatred of the mustard yellow people, who in turn cannot stand the celadon […]

Sliced Bread and Ducted Heating

Ducted heating is the best thing since someone got a loaf, sliced it into equal pieces and put it in a toaster, thus creating the magical innovation of toast. It’s the best thing since toast. Can you imagine the days before toast? People would wake up in the morning and have what’s basically half a […]

Running from the Reaper

Tomorrow, I am going to a meeting where, for the first time ever, I will be discussing succession planning in Melbourne. Sadly no, that does not mean that I am going to sit in a dimly lit room and plot to overthrow the king, thus securing a higher place in the line of succession for […]

Future Teleporting Post Services

The way technology is going lately, I’d be surprised if we aren’t just beaming objects to each other instead of waiting for postmen to deliver them. Back a few decades, I used to be a big fan of Sun Romp, the daring and ground-breaking tale of a ship heading into the unknown to find new […]

Firework…for the Girl Who Isn’t Afraid to be Noticed

Ugh, makeup can REALLY transform lives. And I think it might be up to me to put a stop to it, somehow. The whole reason I did a diploma of specialist makeup services was to help people unleash their inner beauty, so I could work both professionally and in personal circles to enhance people and […]